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Belgian Selection - Gift Box

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A Selection Of Our Strong Belgian Beers, A Perfect Gift For Beer Lovers This Festive Season.


Bruges Zot - 6% - The quintessential Belgian blonde ale against which all other blondes are compared. It is made in Bruges by the Halve Maan Brewery using 4 different malts to give it a distinctive big body and sweet malt character, while the unique yeast adds notes of banana and plum. The beer has a crisp, clean finish thanks to the hops that also bring a dried-fruit-like edge to the beer.

Pauwel Kwak - 8.4% - Pauwel Kwak has earthy aromas, a malty character with touches of liquorice, a nougat-like robustness and a warm finish not unlike caramelised banana. Yeast and red fruits are the strongest aromas, but you will also find a few herbs. The caramel is quite noticeable, together with the herbs and orange zest. The aftertaste is slightly bitter and herbal.

Duvel - 8.5% - Produced by Duvel Moortgat Brewery in Belgium. Four generations of the Moortgat family have created this intense and aromatic ale. Duvel has a fruity dry aroma, owed to the finest hops, and whilst dry it has an alcohol-sweet flavour making the beer an excellent thirst-quencher, with a pronounced hop aroma.