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Bone Machine - Aegisdrekka (Pint)

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Bone Machine - Aegisdrekka (Pint)
Session IPA
AEGISDREKKA was the beer party of the gods in Old Norse lore a party where weapons and violence was prohibited and the beer would flow, even enough for Thor himself! Check it out, its a great story. This session strength IPA similarly packs a big punch of flavour, at a very non-violent ABV. Great balance of juicy and bitter, this is a very satisfying beer to enjoy in a party setting, be it in a big group or just with family and friends.
3.5% ABV

We will bottle your order in 1Pt, 2Pt or 4Pt containers according to your order.

If you are filling one of our 64oz Glass growlers, please select 3 pints. We'll make sure we fill to the top for you!