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Cloudwater - A Name For The Other One (Pint)

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Cloudwater - A Name For The Other One (Pint)
Heavily hopped DDH IPA with Citra and Waimea, fermented with a fruity West Coast yeast strain. This beer was brewer to experiment with a yeast strain we haven't used before. Its characteristics, from how it performs during fermentation, to how it flavours the beer, to the residual sweetness and body of the beer, are different to the small family of yeasts we have been using for these past couple of years.
6% ABV

We will bottle your order in 1Pt, 2Pt or 4Pt containers according to your order.

If you are filling one of our 64oz Glass growlers, please select 3 pints. We'll make sure we fill to the top for you!