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Believe it or not, someone at Crafty’s has over 20 years experience in crafting the perfect cocktail! So we’ve been refining our ingredients and instructions to make sure you can make it in the exact way to make it the way we would. In your pyjamas. Or ballgown.

Go on, what are you waiting for? Try something different from your favourite Letchworth beer shop!

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The Mojito is a timeless classic, one of the world’s most famous cocktail enjoyed for centuries.

Initially conceived for sea voyages across the Atlantic, it was believed that rum prevented scurvy, and it appeared to work when combined with fresh lime, sugar cane and mint. It was then adopted as the go-to drink in the Caribbean. Famed for being Ernest Hemingway’s favourite tipple, the author even penned an ode to this refreshing beverage.

Whether in a bar in Havana (unlikely right now), Crafty’s, or the comfort of your home, this winning combination of fresh minty flavours, sweet citrus notes and some of Jamaica’s finest white rum will leave you wanting more.

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Picture this - it's 1874 in New York City and some chump called ‘Tom Collins’ has apparently
been spreading lies about you. What do you do? Well you march into every bar and
ask who the hell is this Tom Collins?! Only to your surprise you're met not by a man, but a tall sour 21st century terms you got punkd!

It would seem even without the internet, the New York bar scene managed to make this prank go viral, the Collins hoax of 1864 not only I’m sure managed a few laughs, but gave us the simple yet stunning cocktail we enjoy today.

Your living room might not be a New York City bar, but let us bring a little bit of New York to you. 

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She might be the newest on the block, but the espresso martini has as rich a history
as it’s flavour. Like the supermodel who asked for ‘something to wake her up’ in a Soho
bar back in the 80s, she’s become extremely fashionable and popular.

The man who fulfilled the models demands was none other than the infamous Dick Bradwell famed for revolutioninsing the London cocktail scene.

Like the geometric shapes of the 80s, this V-shaped martini delight has taken over the world. The perfect cocktail to pick you up whether you wanna dance with somebody or you’re dancing in the dark, this one will definitely make your dreams come true.

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The history of this classic is as hazy as the tomato juice used to make it.

Of course many theories persist including it being named after the infamous bloody passing of Queen Mary I of England. More likely though is that it was created in a Paris bar and brought over to post prohibition New York much to the delight of roaring 20’s America. Ending up in the St Regis where this rudimentary drink was dolled up with today’s favourite seasonings like Tabasco, lemon and celery to name a summary a classic was born.

The Tomato juice and vodka form the canvas, we at Crafty's have drawn on our experience to create an artistry of spices for you to enjoy. Whether it’s to cure a hangover or as a liquid brunch, we think it’s ‘bloody’ brilliant.

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NO. 5 - FRENCH 75


No better drink to prove that some things just seem to make perfect sense.

The likes of Charles Dickens back in 1867 (apparently) liked to entertain the literary lions with ‘Gin and champagne cups’. But, as with most cocktails, the name helps to cement itself in the history books. This splendid concoction got its name on the french battlefields of world war 1, named after a gun that was famed for its speed, firepower and efficiency. It's a pretty good metaphor for the kick you get from this cocktail.

Like so many Parisian styles and fashions over the years the French 75 has evolved into today’s timeless classic. So until we can sail the riviera let us bring this classic to your home

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When London bartender Ankrah came up with the decadent mixture of passionfruit and vodka, paired with its provocative name there’s no surprise this cocktail was the talk of London Town back in '99 and still is.

It’s popularity has endured for two decades to the point of being the most ordered cocktail of 2019. It embodies everything sexy, fun and evocative about a cocktail bar.

Is it dirtier than a dirty martini? You’ll have to find out for yourself.

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The White Russian is actually believed to have been invented by a Belgian bartender at
the dawn of the cold war for an American diplomat, thinking its ominous name befitting
of the occasion – a far cry from any meaningful connection to either the Bolsheviks or the Tsars.

It would be a lie to say this cocktails journey has been as smooth as its taste, the White Russian really has risen to the top like its creamy ingredients. Falling into obscurity after the 60’s it was catapulted back into the limelight in the 1998 cult classic ‘The Big Lebowski’. The dude himself swigging 8 in the movie…..only to drop the 9th on the floor. Clutz. 

This sweet and sneaky cocktail packs a punch beneath its silky exterior, so take a leap with the Dude. It really ties the room together. 

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In truth after a few of these you’ll likely forget its origins, nevertheless we
wanted to give you a taste of the amazing history behind one of the world’s most famous cocktails.

You’d be as surprised as many to learn its birth didn’t occur In Long Island, New York. Rather a small Tennessee town of the same name in the prohibition 20’s, ‘Old Man Bishop’ the drinks creator was in no doubt looking for a way to disguise his boot-legging antics. In an era of secrecy, smuggling and gangsters, this resourceful American turned to cocktail crafting. With such a lack of free flowing liquor there’s no surprise drinks needed to get the job done. With Bishop’s mix of tequila, vodka, gin and rum and a concoction of mixers, undoubtedly used to disguise the smell, there was no doubt it would triumph.

Whether named aptly for its colour and lightly tannic taste or for covert ‘tea’ drinking were not sure but why not try this roaring 20’s classic for yourself… we promise we wont ask who invented it later.

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I’m sure like us here at Crafty’s you’ve been dreaming of an end to what's been an
incredibly challenging year, so let us help with a slice of escapism. Walk through any
northern Italian town (pre-2020) and you'd find plenty of people enjoying an alfresco
Aperol spritz in the warm afternoon sun.

Aperol itself was created in 1919 Pardua Italy as an ‘Aperitivo’ (dare you not to say that in your best Italian accent), This was a drink specifically made as a pre-dinner sip. From beginning to end the Italians know how to make an event out of a meal and with this easy drinking thirst quencher, you can start early and still make it to dinner.

By the 20th century the bittersweet flavour had made its way east of Venice into the Veneto region where it would meet and fall in love with its soulmate, its bubbly new partner Prosecco would help propel this APER-tising tipple into an unbreakable partnership.

Not shaken nor stirred this simple cocktail is as easy to make as it is to drink. Don’t be fooled though, the complex flavours and orange glow will help to re-create an Italian alfresco afternoon any time, any place.

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Despite its name nothing about this drink has ever gone out of style. The history of
the drink itself could ‘Stir’ up a good conversation.

Whiskey, sugar and bitters, it is the literal definition of a cocktail. Mentioned for the first time in a New York newspaper in 1806 and most likely the first cocktail ever recorded. Like all the classics there was no one real creator, because, well it just makes sweet sense that needs no change, evolution or gentrification.

The old fashioned has delighted drinkers for over 200 years with its mouth-watering trinity …. not many things in life are simple but with this drink and its lack of frilly adornments it is elevated to such regal simplicity.

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A little cup of summer is how I’d describe this delicious Brazilian drink.

The Caipirinha, pronounced ‘Kai-Pur-reen-Yah’ and translates as ‘little countryside drink’, is made by muddling limes and mixing with sugar and cachaca, a spirit as central to Brazilian identity as samba, soccer and carnival. Cachaca is also the country’s national spirit.

It’s unclear exactly when the Caipirinha first appeared, but many historians believe it was served in the early 20th century as a remedy for illness. Others say it was invented in the 19th century by Brazilian farmers as a way to showcase local sugarcane. Regardless of how or when it was born, drinkers have gravitated toward its pleasing flavours and heady effects ever since.

The Caipirinha is refreshing and flavourful, with a unique ability to bring you straight to the tropics. 

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This stunning cocktail with its exquisite trio of Rum, Ginger beer and lime has as
rich a history as the sea has with Rum itself.

Where the rum was plentiful and the sailors were thirsty, we have seen some of the world's most famous cocktails created and survive the treacherous journey through the centuries.

Believed to have been born in Bermuda itself the shipwreck capital of the world the name seems befitting. The Rum and Ginger destined to meet on the 20square mile island, with ginger being used frequently in the seafaring world for sickness it's no surprise this combo won over many sailor who managed to land on the Caribbean shores. 

This cocktail has managed to Navigate its way of out the Bermuda triangle to the Shores of Crafty’s and beyond so let's raise a glass on a dark and stormy night. 

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When made right this tart sweet combination with its glorious rosy hue is one of the
most lovable libations. Though it will likely remain inextricably linked to the 90’s gal pal
classic sex and the city, this cocktail is a true New Yorker predating Carrie by over a decade.

Toby Cecchini the drinks Father created this sour, sweet citrus delight in 1988 amongst the neon lights of Tribecca no doubt to please the artsy celebs on the scene, one amongst apparently Madonna herself shouting for ‘another pink one please’. Tony’s ‘pretty little drink’ in his words has certainly been propelled into stardom of its own right.

Even a decade after Carrie put down her glass the blush of the Cosmo shines bright

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Most great cocktails are lost in the mist of time, but not the Bramble.

Invented by Dick Bradsell himself, regarded as the godfather of cocktails, pioneering using fresh incredible ingredients, you might recognise him as the creator of the equally fabulous Espresso Martini.

In Dicks heyday he worked in some of the most iconic London bars, bringing the cocktails he created along with him. One of them being the notorious Freds club in Soho if you're as old as us you'll remember the likes of Noel Gallager and Kate moss falling out the doors....Happy dayz.

Inspired by Bradwell's childhood in the countryside and the British pastime of brambling for Blackberries, it truly embodies a warm summer evening in a cocktail.

So, until we can throw the picnic blanket out and feel the sun on our skin let us warm you with this fruity refreshing moment. 

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