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German Selection - Gift Box

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A Selection Of Our Premium German Beers, A Perfect Gift For Beer Lovers This Festive Season.


Augustiner Helles - 5.2% - A particularly mild, sparkling, long stored beer, refreshing and easily digestible at the same time. Uniquely in its taste, a benefit for each beer connoisseur.

Augustiner Edelstoff - 5.6% - Classically German, the Augustiner Edelstoff is crisp, refreshing, and the German purity law defined. This world class helles lager is brewed with the best ingredients and is a treat for all beer lovers.

Schnieder Weisse - 5.4% - The full complexity of the genuine Bavarian wheat beer – great with hearty food. Amber-mahogany colored wheat beer. Nuances of ripe bananas, clove, nutmeg and nuts create the aroma. A full-bodied and sparkling beer with a harmonious finish. Brewed according to the original recipe of the founder of the brewery of 1872.