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Hints & Tips


Make sure you always bring a towel.

There are 4 main ways in which cocktails can be cultivated, they are shaken, stirred, blended and built, each serves a purpose for getting the most out of your ingredients and will help to get the best flavours.

Having the correct equipment will make constructing cocktails much easier, things such as Boston shakers, Hawthorne strainers, bar spoons and muddlers are all purposely design for the mixing of drinks.

There are two core fundamentals to shaking cocktails, firstly to blend the ingredients together and secondly to chill the drink. For a good blend while also shaker back and forth, try and moved your arms in a circular motion as this will help turn the ingredients within. 


When muddling your ingredients together try to twist your muddler as you push down. This will release more flavour from your fresh ingredients.

When adding your mint roll it in your hand and ‘slap’ the mint bundle, then rub it around the rim of the glass. This will get some more of the flavour out of the mint and will also fragrance the glass.

When mixing the ingredients try to pull the mint up through the drink to give the drink a consistent flavour throughout. 


If you are more partial to a fruitier drink then you can add your preferred fruit, the Collins is a very versatile drink and lends itself to fruity additions.

If you prefer a zestier drink, then add extra lemon to give it an extra citrus boost.

If you prefer a sweeter drink, then why not try it with lemonade instead of soda.


If you are a fan of a mocha, then why not try adding some cocoa powder to your mix you can also make your garnish stand out by sprinkling cocoa powder over the top.

The coffee beans used for the garnish do serve a purpose other than decoration, they are there to be chewed while drinking to balance out the sweetness with a bitter edge.

To get a crema style froth on the top of your cocktail make sure you shake vigorously.